The Schuco Bifolding Door

The Schuco bifolding door is the choice of architects, designers and discerning homeowners.
An international name in architectural quality folding doors, Schuco is regarded by professionals as being one of the best folding doors available.

Why you should consider a Bi Fold door from Schuco

Schuco doors offer the finest in German engineering, individuality, performance and style. At their core is a host of visible and invisible design features that make these doors highly sophisticated, technically superior and aesthetically brilliant.

You will find Schuco products fitted in many Grand Designs type projects where a bespoke door is required.

Schuco products can be found in many premium developments of flats and houses. Contemporary constructions featuring large glass panels, panoramic sliding doors, sliding glass walls often feature Schuco products as well.

Not only are Schuco doors one of the slimmest doors on the market, but they can also be made taller, wider and larger than most other bifolding doors.

Schuco bifolds are possible at up to 3 metres in height and with folding door panels at up to 1.2 metres in width. Again this surpasses the limitations of other bifolding doors.

The hardware you’ll see on a Schuco door is instantly recognisable from it’s design and branding. However it is also unique to the product and you won’t find it on any other door.

Design, Engineering, Quality.

All the many features of Schuco bifolding doors work together to create a door that offers unlimited design and styling options.

Advanced hardware results in a door that is meticulously crafted, easy to slide and fold, light in operation and use. All components are extensively cycle tested for optimum reliability.

Features of Schuco bifolding doors.

All our Schuco bifolding doors are expertly manufactured and meticulously installed by our trained Open Living installers. In addition you benefit from a host of other innovations.

Wide colour choice as standard.

All Schuco doors come in a vast choice of RAL, Syntha Pulvin or British Standards colours. This means a huge choice of colours to suit any type of requirement.

There is further choice with the latest in metallic effect shades. These range from advanced anodised finishes, to metallic powder coated shades as well as polished finishes to special order.

Dual colour options give further versatility with doors available in different colours inside and out.

6 Reasons to Choose Schuco

  • A choice or profiles enables a custom built door.
  • A variety of thresholds is available from severe weather rated to ultra low.
  • Frame profiles as slim as 60mm depending on the design.
  • Innovative door gaskets that remove the ‘black border’ effect typical of other doors.
  • Advanced seals that move away from the door when it is opened.
  • Superior security, weather performance, water and wind resistance.

Highly Energy Efficient Bifolding doors.

The insulated aluminium profiles as standard on a Schuco folding door and in conjunction with high specification glass give impressive U Values.

Performance figures as low as 1.3 W/m²K U Values are possible making these some of the most energy efficient folding doors on the market.

Glass options include double or triple glazing using toughened or laminated glass. Glass units are enhanced with warm edge spacer bars, energy efficient coatings and argon gas fill.

See one of the best bifolding doors for yourselves.

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