Atlas Roofs from Open Living

Open Living are approved providers of the market leading Atlas Glazed Roof.

A Superior Roof Product

The Atlas roof is the one product that can enable you to enjoy maximum light with no visible bulk often found in traditional conservatories.

We believe the Atlas roof to be the most superior roof you can buy today giving you the very best in a slim, strong and highly energy efficient glass roof.

Why choose an Atlas Roof?

As homeowners demand a more contemporary appearance to their homes, Atlas roofs provide the ideal solution providing a host of design options, maximum light and exactly the right aesthetics.

In adding a new glazed extension or orangery to your home, we know you’ll want affordability, performance, energy efficiency and choice.

Our innovative Atlas roof has features you won’t find in other roofs.

Utilising a box section construction found in high rise facades, this enables an ultra strong roof but also one that is slimmer and stronger.

An advanced roof for traditional or modern homes.

The unique design of our award winning Atlas Roof means that it is suitable for any type of home.

Whether you are looking to add a conservatory, orangery or one of our bespoke glass rooms there is a choice of flat, bevelled or chamfered profiles. These all ensure that the look of your home is never compromised.

Whatever your home, budget or wishes, Open Living guarantee a first class installation, personal service and customer care. We are confident our advanced Atlas roofs will bring you years of enjoyment and truly enhance your home.

Slim but Strong

A traditional conservatory will often have bolt on tie bars, support beams and other bulky sections. Whilst these are needed to give strength and integrity to the roof, often it can result in a roof that can look cluttered when viewed from the inside.

Atlas roofs feature none of the traditional parts found in other roof products. There are no visible rods, bars, supports or beams. Our advanced roofs are super slim yet strong.

Our Atlas Roofs are more than 70% thinner than a typical aluminium roof. The clean lines are the same inside and out as it doesn’t require the commonly used cappings, covers and hoods used on the outside.

The roof bars in our highly desirable roofs are the slimmest you will find at only 40mm thick. You can choose to integrate your roof with our complete range of windows, doors, sliding doors and folding doors. Choose from advanced double glazed units or the latest in triple glazing.

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