An Overview of Aluminium Rooflights

A flat roof is can be found in many older homes as well as a possible feature of a new extensions. Especially in smaller houses and those in close proximity to each other, flat roofs are commonplace.

Flat Rooflights

A flat rooflight can bring a new lease of life to an existing flat roof as well as be part of your design in your new extension.

Advantages of aluminium rooflights.

At Open Living, we provide a range of flat roof lights, skylights, roof windows and walk-on glass. All of these are available in a choice of sizes, colours, glass specifications and opening options.

If you have not considered a rooflight before, there are many advantages to putting one in your home.

An improved visual appearance.

The average covered flat roof is not the most attractive of features in your home. With a fading or ageing covering, frequently gathering leaves dirt and water puddles, making your flat roof look and work better is not at the top of people’s lists.

By installing a rooflight to an existing property you can instantly add to the visual appeal of an otherwise staid flat roof. From any angle it looks fantastic with modern glass and a great feature.

Rooflights can save you money.

The British climate can at times be dark and grey. Autumn and winter months see dark mornings and afternoons. A rooflight in the home maximises the natural daylight available even when it is less in the winter. The longer you take advantage of natural light, the better the mood and you save money by switching your lights on much later.

Rooflights provide privacy.

As property prices rise, homeowners are extending their homes. Some of these are suburban and city centre properties all close to each other and many with overlooked outside spaces.

A rooflight can provide that balance between privacy and light. They are designed at many different sizes and at varying pitches. This means they let in light from all sides, yet provide privacy from whichever side an outsider may be looking.

Rooflights provide access.

There may be times when you need access to your flat roof to clean or carry out repairs. Choose an opening rooflight and you can create an easy method of access to your outside space. The level of access will depend on the property type, but there is no reason why you cannot fit a fully opening rooflight that really provides convenience when required. At other times, it simply provides ventilation.

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