Aluminium Doors and Windows for the Whole House

Open Living is your local aluminium expert, providing a broad range of insulated, secure and premium quality windows and doors for your home. The Origin range is an affordable yet luxurious suite of aluminium windows and doors whatever your house type, size or style.

The Origin Home. Quality aluminium bifolding doors, entrance doors and windows.

If you are looking to add quality aluminium windows and doors to your home, the Origin suite of windows and doors offers one brand of windows and doors for every part of your home.

Origin doors and windows are British designed and made offering features and specifications you will not find on many other aluminium doors and windows. Origin aluminium aims to offer a coherent and consistent appearance throughout your home.

Do you research and you will see that many other window companies offer you a door with one system, a front door from another and windows from another. Very few products on the market give you one complete system and a range of products for the entire home. Dig a little deeper, and you will also find Origin offers benefits we know no other brand can match.

Origin doors and windows with a 20-year guarantee.

One of the biggest benefits to choosing Origin doors and windows is the 20-year warranty. You will not find any other window or door on the market offering you this peace of mind.

If you are looking to make a long-term investment in your home with a range of windows and doors that are built to last, our Origin windows and doors are fantastic value.

All your windows and doors are registered direct with the manufacture, are bespoke to you and easily traced should you require extra windows and doors or require service work in the future.

Origin windows. One brand, one manufacturer.

Another unique feature of Origin bifolding doors, entrance door and windows is that only Origin make them. For you, this is extra security that your manufacturer is one company not several.

Other aluminium systems come from a variety of manufacturers all offering differing quality, specifications and guarantees. In the same way, your new car is only made in one factory, why shouldn’t your windows and doors be the same?

When your windows and doors are all powder coated together, made together and provided together, it is your reassurance of a quality product that is consistent every time.

Your new windows and doors installed by trained professionals.

Our complete Origin home range of aluminium windows includes:

  • Bifolding Doors
  • Aluminium Opening Windows
  • Large Gable or Shaped aluminium windows.
  • Rear aluminium doors, single or double doors.
  • Aluminium Front Doors
  • Garage Doors.
  • Origin manual or automatic blinds for doors and windows.

And if you are looking to create a new extension we can provide lantern roofs, sliding doors or skylights.

To find out more about our quality range of aluminium windows and doors for the home, contact us today. Or why not visit our brand new showroom in Amor Way, Letchworth with a vast array of products available to view.

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