There are many benefits to having a bifolding door, but a sliding door can also provide you with features and advantages you may not have considered

Contemporary Sliding Doors for the home

At Open Living, we specialise in the supply and installation of high quality bifolding doors. We also offer the very latest in sliding patio doors and contemporary sliding doors.

Today's modern sliding door is slim, secure, highly weather resistant and thermally efficient. Modern sliding doors also offer a direct fix frame meaning you no longer need the hardwood subframe associated with old patio doors.

At Open Living, we have a great contemporary sliding door range, designed to offer a modern looking sliding door for any part of the home. These also come with some innovations.

The first great feature of our modern patio doors is that they have slimmed down. We offer a range of sliding doors with the central mullions as slim as 35mm. Our Smarts Visoglide door offers this slim mullion. We also have other products with similar slim central profiles, all designed to look thin and provide the maximum glass area.

Even at the frame edges and the threshold, our current sliding door ranges give you clean edges, a square frame and low thresholds. You can even sink the threshold down into the floor to provide a flush inner and outer floor level.

The next great feature of our sliding doors is that with slim lines also comes strength. We offer two-panel sliding doors that can be made at 5 or sometimes 6 metres in width. A fantastic sliding door that when closed maximises the view.

Modern sliding doors give you more opening choices.

Modern sliding doors now offer you more flexibility in how they slide than old patio doors. Our doors come with a choice of double and triple tracks. These additional tracks enable doors to now slide in more than one direction and stack together or separately.

An excellent example of this is a three panel door allowing you to have all three doors stacked on one side or the central door sliding in either direction.

Modern sliding doors are now effortless to open.

Visit our showroom and try our sliding doors. The first thing you will notice is even the biggest, heaviest doors are remarkably light to open.

Modern sliding doors now use very sophisticated rollers and running gear meaning large door panels weighing more than 300kg can be pushed open with just a few fingers.

Another reason why new doors are better than before and easier to operate is what's called a lift and slide mechanism. With a lift and slide door, a turn of the handle moves the sliding door back away from the frame. Then it effortlessly slides to the desired position. Lift and slide doors also offer other advantages.

You can partially open the door and lock it, giving ventilation with security.

Lift and slide doors also create an exceptional hermetic seal against the frame giving superior weather resistance and sealing.

More great features of contemporary sliding doors.

The design of modern sliding doors now gives you more opening, sliding and design options than ever before.

Cornerless sliding doors are now possible with sliding doors. Just like our bifolding doors, you can now have a sliding door on two sides that meet in the corner. Slide the doors back, and the corner post moves away with the doors to reveal a fully open corner. It looks terrific.

The other design feature in a modern sliding door is that you can build your new extension so that the doors completely slide into the wall. We can work with your builder to create this great feature in your home. With this arrangement your doors disappear from view, revealing a full clear opening with a low threshold as well if you want it.

More great features of contemporary sliding doors.

  • Available double or triple glazed.
  • Heights of up to 3 metres are possible.
  • Huge colour choices.
  • High security and severe weather performance.
  • Available from two up to six panels.

Contact your local sliding door experts.

At Open Living we provide a range of sliding doors from the affordable to the highly sophisticated. Contact us today to find out more about how a sliding door can enhance your home. Visit our showroom or contact us.

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