Understanding the threshold options for bifolding doors

If you are considering purchasing bifolding doors, you will probably already be aware of many of the advantages they offer.
Bifolding doors offer many advantages such as letting in lots of natural light, being a real focal point in a room and opening up your inside and outside spaces.
If you’re looking at bifolding doors for your home and you want to benefit from opening these up in the summer and creating a great open space to your garden or patio, one important consideration will be your door thresholds.

Bifolding door thresholds Explained

With the correct product and the right advice from a bifolding door professional, your bifolding doors can really enhance your home when the threshold is chosen and installed correctly.

All doors, whether folding, hinged or sliding rely on a threshold to perform several important roles. The first will be to create a seal so that your doors remain weather resistant and eliminate draughts. This is achieved by clever design and engineering as well as sophisticated gaskets and weatherstrips.

Look at your front door threshold and typically you’ll see an upstand that the door closes against. Bifolding door thresholds are similar and they’re also available with standard or low thresholds.

Our Origin Bifolding doors are the market leading product in the UK and come with a unique 20 year guarantee. They also come with two different types of door thresholds.

The standard threshold has the same upstand for weathering and overall performance. There is also an ultra low threshold available. So what is the right door threshold for your home?

Standard bifolding door thresholds.

For all external bifolding doors we recommend the standard rebated threshold. This is the profile with which doors have been weather tested. It is also the one that has the necessary up stands and gasket protection to protect against the elements.

If you’re looking for the same level of weather protection but are looking for a flush inner and outer floor level this standard threshold can be recessed to provide a flatter floor yet offering protection.

The low threshold.

origin low thresholds

There are many homes that choose to have bifolding doors fitted internally. Typical uses include room dividers or separating a conservatory as just two examples.

The low threshold is a great option if your doors are to be fitted inside the home and gives you only the bare minimum of step over.

As this threshold has no rebate to provide weather protection we don’t recommend this is used on external folding doors. Obviously every home is different. For example your doors may be in a very sheltered elevation that rarely gets the driving wind and rain. Alternatively your doors may be under a canopy or roof that offers weather protection.

In these cases and subject to survey it may be possible to use the low threshold but it’s worth bearing in mind that the doors won’t have been weather tested like the standard threshold.

Open Living are your local bifolding door experts.

We recommend you visit our showroom and look at the range of bifolding doors we have on display. Alternatively we can visit your home and discuss how the different bifolding door thresholds work in relation to decking, patio slabs and of course your internal floors.

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