The current range of aluminium sliding doors is more advanced and quite different from old patio doors. Here we answer some of the most common questions about sliding doors and patio sliding doors to help you.

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Are sliding doors less desirable than bifolding doors?

The aluminium sliding door is now one of the most popular home improvement products alongside our best-selling bifolding doors. The latest generation of aluminium sliding doors is slimmer, more secure, more thermally efficient and more versatile than ever before.

Aluminium sliding doors today should certainly be considered with bifolding doors if you are thinking of renovating your home. Our newest product is the Origin Sliding Door, one of the latest and cutting edge doors currently available.

Aluminium sliding doors give you all the benefits of bifolding doors such as huge colour choice, high security and severe weather performance. There is no compromise with fitting a sliding door in your home.

Do sliding doors need a hardwood subframe?

No. Earlier generations of patio doors were available with either a hardwood subframe or a direct-fix frame. Today’s sliding doors are available as a replacement for your old doors or perfect for installation into new openings.

Sliding doors are available with single, double and triple tracks. The availability of frame options means a sliding door is suitable for a new extension or an existing opening.

What is the difference between an inline and a lift and slide patio door?

An inline sliding door has the glass panels sliding within the frame and tracks. Inline sliding doors slide to the left, the right or in any desired position (subject to the number of tracks available). They are available from two up to six sliding panels.

Lift and slide doors have the sliding panels positioned behind the frame. The patio door handle is rotated and raises your door away from the frame, ready to slide. Unlike inline doors, lift and slide offer tilt or lift ventilation, more locking positions and more flexibility. They are well worth considering. Visit our showroom to see how a lift and slide door works.

What is best? A bifolding door or a sliding door?

Both types of doors provide benefits in your home. In our experience, larger properties with bigger gardens or extensive views benefit from a sliding door. Smaller houses may prefer a bifolding door as they fully open up the home linking it to the outside all year round.

Sliding doors enable far bigger panes of glass than bifolding doors. With closed doors, your views outside will be better though a sliding door than a bifolding door as there is less visible aluminium. In the summer, a bifolding door creates a bigger opening than a sliding door.

Is it possible to have a sliding door with an open corner?

Yes. Sliding doors with an open corner, just like our Origin bifolding doors are available. These types of doors that disappear into a wall are commonly installed in new extensions. They feature an extended head and track and a specially constructed wall. As you slide your doors, they move completely into the wall pocket, disappearing from view.

Are level thresholds available with a sliding door?

The track on a bifolding door is always lower than a sliding door meaning flush floor levels are easier to achieve. With a sliding door, it is possible to sink the track lower to achieve flush floor levels as well. However, owing to the different design and door operation, you will always have a slightly higher threshold on a sliding door than with a bifold.

Are sliding doors easy to operate?

Today’s current range of sliding doors uses the most sophisticated rollers and running gear to give you an effortless and highly reliable operation. Some of our door panels can weigh over 200kgs yet slide open with just a two finger operation. Visit our showroom and see just how light our sliding doors are in use.

What is a slimline or ultra-thin sliding door?

As you do your research around sliding doors, you may have seen the latest generation of super thin sliding doors with remarkably thin aluminium profiles. These doors focus on providing minimal aluminium where the doors meet in the closed position. The central mullions on these sliding doors are the Interlocks. Some of these slimline doors are very expensive, requiring specialist installation, transportation and handling. They can also exceed the budget for many customers.

Open Living offers the brand new Origin Sliding door, with an interlock of just 20mm. Origin sliding doors give you a ‘real-world’ slimline, minimalist doors with outstanding views outside. You can view the stunning Origin sliding door in our Letchworth Showroom.

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