Frequently Asked Questions About Bifold Doors

If you’re currently researching bifolding doors for your home, you’ll be faced with a lot of information. There are a great many systems on the market and each have their own design features, specifications and options. Our Frequently Asked Questions Page addresses the most common questions about bifolding doors.

Always see your bifolding doors in action.

Our recommendation is that you always view bifolding doors in a showroom or in a fully installed application. Only in this way can you fully understand how a quality bifolding door works, the relationship between the inside and outside floor levels, handles and locks, colour schemes and much more besides.

In addition, viewing bifolding doors can give you other ideas and inspiration such as which way the doors open and fold, whether you require an access leaf, choosing blinds as well as matching windows and doors to your doors.

How do bi-folding doors work?

A bifolding door is a series of door panels that are connected together with door hinges. They are also situated in a top and bottom track.

Bifolding doors fold upon themselves and then glide along their tracks. They feature their gearing at the bottom of the doors designed to take the weight of the folding panels. Here you’ll find components such as the carriage wheels, the gearing, top guide and other durable components designed to make the doors slide and fold in a light and effortless operation.

Are bifolding doors secure with so many leaves?

Yes. All our doors are tested to the latest British and/or European Standards or Secured by Design.

Despite the large number of door panels our doors feature the very best in multi point locking systems, anti-bump cylinders, robust handles and deep throw bolts on the main and intermediate leaves.

Which way can bifolding doors slide and fold?

Bifolding doors can open in or out. They can slide to the left, right or both sides depending on the number of panels. This is known as the door configuration which should not be confused with door dimensions (the door sizes).

In a bifolding door you can also incorporate an access leaf. This is an independent door that is used to gain entry and exit through the doors without having to fold the doors back every time. We can also offer you the very latest in corner folding doors to create stunning open corners to your new extension with a floating corner post.

Do I need planning permission for bi-folding doors?

The replacement of existing sliding or swing doors with a set of folding doors generally does not require planning permission. We always recommend you seek advice from your local council or other professional beforehand. Conservation areas or listed buildings may have constraints applied. Building Regulations must always be adhered to as well.

What are the minimum and maximum sizes for bifolding doors?

We offer a choice of bifolding door products and each are designed differently. Typically the smallest leaf possible can be as narrow as 400mm up to approximately 1200mm wide. For the height we have doors that can be made as small as 1000mm high (folding windows) up to 3000mm high with our Schuco doors.

Minimum and maximum sizes are governed by width and height ratios and other factors. We recommend you contact us if you’re looking for particularly large doors and we can advise you better. It’s worth bearing in mind that the wider the door panel the more space it will take up when folded back.

Why do you offer more than one bifolding door brand?

Many bifolding door providers only offer one make of bifolding door. At Open Living we provide you with a choice. We do this because every product is different. They are all high quality bifolds but are specially chosen to meet most design requirements and budgets.

Our Visofold range of bifolding doors offers you more rounded profiles as well as a deep bottom rail option. These are ideal if you are looking for a more period looking bifolding door with the features of timber doors.

Schuco doors are designed for those that wish to create very large doors or are looking for an ultra flat, slim door with very contemporary hardware.

Origin doors offer a mix of both traditional and contemporary designs, offer excellent handles, finger safe gaskets and have a great guarantee. Every product is different and worth looking at.

What colour choices are available on bifolding doors?

One of the many advantages of an aluminium bifold is the colour choice.

Aluminium bifolding doors are polyester powder coated. This is a superior finishing process used on aluminium and metal products for over forty years.

Our doors are coated by specialist and industry regulated finishers that are Qualicoat approved and certified. There are over 150 colours option. This choice is further extended with satin, matt or gloss finishes as well as different colours inside and out.

Aluminium bifolds also provide contemporary finishes such as metallic silver shades, textured powder coated colours and even authentic looking wood effect finishes. The powder coating process we use on all our bifolds can also be enhanced for doors that are on coastal or swimming pool locations to provide even greater protection.

Can I buy off the shelf bifolding doors?

There are some websites that offer stock sizes of bifolding doors. These are designed for either new build developments where builders look to buy volumes of doors at the same size to save money and build costs. Some companies that offer off the shelf bifolding doors may offer doors that were mis-measured and no longer required.

At Open Living all our bifolding doors are manufactured for you to exact sizes, specifications and colour choice. Our doors are built to suit your existing property or your new extension and not the other way round.

Can I join windows, screens or other doors to my bifolds?

Yes there is no reason subject to the overall design why you can’t couple doors to windows, screens, French doors and windows as well.

Who will fit my bifolding doors?

A bifolding door is a very complex product and therefore precise installation is absolutely essential. Our installers are specially trained across our entire range of door products as well as windows. We regularly update our installation methods working with our bifolding door providers as all our products are constantly upgraded and improved.

What guarantees do you offer on bifolding doors?

Our doors come with a 10 or 20 year guarantee depending on the product. There is no need to be concerned that a door with a smaller guarantee period is any way inferior. Our Guarantee Page on our website provides more information.

What type of glass comes with my bifolding doors?

We source our glass from world’s leading glass manufacturers, typically Pilkington, Glaverbel or Saint Gobain. As standard you benefit from toughened safety glass (also a legal requirement). Glass is 28mm double glazed comprising Planitherm Total Plus soft coat low E glass, warm edge spacer bars, argon gas fill and hermetically sealed.

You can upgrade your glass to triple glazing, integral blinds and even laminated glass if required.

What windows and French doors can match my bifolding doors?

Only Origin offer a range of French Doors or single doors that match the profile of the bifolding doors. Our other bifolding door systems come with a large range of matching casement windows in a wide choice of frame options and choices. We offer flatline, ovolo, chamfered and combination frames depending on your property. In aluminium you will get the same quality and finish in the colour as well.