At Open Living, we specialise in providing premium aluminium sliding doors for your home. We want to help you understand sliding doors better and make an informed choice. Therefore we share some of our expertise, giving you information and advice about aluminium sliding doors. Here is what you need to know.

Information about aluminium sliding doors.

benefits of a sliding door

Aluminium sliding patio doors are substantially better than traditional patio doors. Aesthetics, security, weather performance and reliability are substantially improved.

Slim sight lines is one of the biggest benefits to a modern sliding door with the central mullions offering dimensions as small as 35mm with our Smart Systems Visoglide patio door or 45mm with the advanced Dutemann Glide-S sliding door.

You can also buy sliding doors that are lift and slide or inline. Inline doors work just like a traditional door, sliding within the frame. Lift and slide doors are operated by the handle. The sliding panels lift and move away from the frame rather than sit within it. The benefits of an aluminium sliding patio door.

Your first benefit in choosing a modern sliding door is a greater choice of colours. Early models of patio doors came as white, silver or brown. The door handles came in similar colours and there was little for you to choose from.

Fitting aluminium sliding doors is also easier thanks to the direct fix arrangement of modern products. There is now no need to have doors within a hardwood subframe. They can fit directly to the structure. These direct fix sliding doors are suitable for a newly built opening or as a replacement of an old door with or without a subframe.

Best of all we can work with your builder to create a lower sliding door threshold and create a similar open feel that comes with our range of bifold doors, with or without a low threshold.

Bigger doors with fewer moving panels.

Another benefit of modern aluminium sliding doors is bigger doors with less panels. Our Dutemann Glide-S can comfortably create a sliding door over 6 metres wide with just two moving panels. So if you have a large opening to build and think you can only have bifolding doors, there is no reason why you cannot have a sliding door.

Even for smaller openings there is a sliding door to suit. It is the option of single, double or triple tracks that gives sliding doors more flexibility with more moving panels and flexible opening options. Therefore sliding doors are an excellent alternative to French Doors or bifolding doors.

Multiple tracks enable your sliding doors to slide all to one side giving you a bigger clear opening than before as well.

For the architects and bold home improvement projects we even offer sliding doors that go up to three metres in height and width, creating impressing sliding glass walls.

Patio sliding doors with better Energy Efficiency.

Improved Building Regulations make today’s sliding door more energy saving than before. Thanks to thermally broken frames, U-Values as good as A-Rated PVCu and aluminium windows are available.

The thermal insulation found in our sliding doors creates an effective thermal bridge and with the glass, creates an energy efficient patio door. All our sliding doors use polyamide thermal inserts that separate the inside and aluminium door profiles.

The glass is a significant component in making sliding doors energy efficient. We use toughened safety glass, with a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill. You can even upgrade your glass to laminated glass, acoustic glazing or door glass with integral blinds.

Sliding doors are slimmer.

The visible aluminium of sliding doors is now less giving you bigger glass panels and a more frameless appearance to aluminium sliding doors. From minimalist sliding doors with hidden frames to slimline sliding doors with thin mullions, there is a lot of choice.

If you are building a new extension, there is no reason why you cannot have sliding doors that disappear into the wall pocket, opening up your home just like a bifolding door. We can work with your builder and architect to achieve this dramatic effect and even create corner sliding doors with or without a corner post.

Sliding doors with a wider choice of colours.

At Open Living, we provide sliding doors in over 150 different colours. There is even the option of different colours inside and out. As homeowner tastes have changed so has the availability of colour.

Modern powder coating technology now provides enormous colour choice. As well as standard colours there are textured paints, metallic colours and even bespoke colour matching. Subject to special order and availability you can match your doors to Farrow and Ball and other well known colour schemes.

Our top tips for buying new sliding doors.

  • Always try the doors out in a showroom.
  • Compare the benefits of both inline and lift and slide doors.
  • The smoother the gliding action, the better the door.
  • Compare the doors side by side to bifolding doors.
  • Talk to your installer about achieving the threshold levels you desire

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