How To Improve Old Metal Windows

At Open Living, we provide a range of aluminium window solutions designed for the replacement of old metal windows.

How can you make period metal windows better?

Our Steel replacement windows are available with many of the original features of original steel windows. These include very slim lines, the replica glazing bars and even decorative handles if required.

There are however situations where planning and other constraints prevent the replacement of the original metal windows.

Some listed buildings, properties in conservation areas and other restrictions mean the original windows have to be retained. Even where they are not, character properties can be devalued simply by replacing the original windows.

For any property with original period windows, secondary double glazing provides an excellent solution.

What is secondary double glazing?

Secondary double glazing is a very narrow aluminium window fitted behind the original window, inside the house. The great thing about secondary double glazing is that it can fit and work with any existing window. If your windows open in or out, tilt and turn, pivot or slide, there is a secondary double glazed window to suit.

Shapes, colours and special designs are also all available with secondary double glazing. Whether you have curved, gable or other feature windows, need a particular colour, everything is available.

Why consider secondary double glazing?

Secondary double glazing offers a host of benefits to existing steel windows in heritage, character and listed properties.

Secondary Glazing improves window security.

A quality secondary double glazed window can be fitted with security locking and even laminated glass. If your existing windows have original catches or handles and you wish to improve window security, secondary glazing is ideal.

Secondary double glazing helps reduce condensation.

One of the reasons for having new windows is to improve energy efficiency and heat loss through the home. Secondary glazing provides that additional barrier between the inside and the outside of your home. What is more, because secondary double glazing is fitted far further back than a double glazed window, the insulation can be even better.

The ventilation a secondary double glazing unit provides between the existing window and the new one ventilates the space and helps reduce condensation.

Secondary Double Glazing provides sound and noise insulation.

If your property is on the main road or suffers from excessive noise inside secondary glazing is proven to reduce it. If you enhance the secondary glazing with acoustic glass, the effect is even better.

If your existing windows are draughty, let in dust and are noisy, secondary glazing provides an excellent solution again.

Secondary double glazing is not refused by planners.

For listed buildings, secondary double glazing is the best solution as it is approved by local authorities. It is extremely rare for secondary glazing to be refused when window improvements are proposed to planners.

Secondary double glazing costs far less than standard double glazing.

By far the great advantage of secondary glazing is that it costs substantially less than replacement windows. If you need to replace your windows but the cost of them is prohibitive, take a look at secondary glazing. You will be very surprised how much less it costs than brand new windows.

If you live in a character property and would like to discuss your window improvement options, please contact us.

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