Integral Blinds

An Integral Blinds is one of the best accessories for your new Bifolding Door, French door, windows or sliding doors.

Integral Blinds for bifolding doors.

Integral blinds are the latest innovation in shading and privacy, designed to provide convenience and enhance the modern appearance of your new windows and doors.

An integral blind is a horizontal blind permanently housed between the glass of a double glazed unit. Integral blinds are hermetically sealed between the glass meaning they are discreet and out of reach without affecting the performance of the glass. An integral blind also has many other benefits.

Integral blinds never need cleaning.

Integral blinds are located between the glass meaning they will never need cleaning, dusting or adjustment. The blinds are lowered, raised or tilted by external controls meaning they are protected for the life of the glass.

The quality mechanism that lifts, tilts or lowers integral blinds offers self-levelling, a precise operation whatever their position.

Integral blinds offer several opening and closing options.

Integral glass blinds are manually operated by convenient cords with inbuilt safety features. You can also choose to operate your blinds via an external magnet. Lift and lowering the magnet raises and lowers the blinds. Rotating the magnet tilts the slats.

There are also options for automatic or electric opening of integral blinds. We offer convenient hard-wired operation, remote control, programmable or even solar powered. Integral blinds can even be set up with the latest home automation systems.

Integral blinds bring out the best from your new bifolding doors.

One of the great features of integral blinds is that they allow you to enjoy the contemporary lines of your new bifolding doors without obscuring them. The between-glass design of your blinds mean you can give your home the privacy you need without hiding your bifolding doors with external fabric or slatted blinds.

Integral blinds can improve energy efficiency.

In the closed position, integral blinds can help your glass units and new doors be more energy efficient, creating an extra barrier between the inside and outside.

At Open Living we provide industry leading integral blinds renowned for their quality, versatility and reliability. You can choose from matching or contrasting colours too. Integral blinds benefit from the advantages of powder coated aluminium.

Visit our showroom and take a look at our latest range of integral blinds to perfectly accessorise your home and your new windows and doors.

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