Bifolding Door Lead Times

If you are building a new extension or renovating your home, your builder will be working to a schedule. We are often asked how quickly it takes to install new bifolding doors.

How long does it take to fit new bifolidng doors?

At Open Living we have the resources and expertise to fit new bifolding doors quickly and help you complete your project on time. In this article, we explain what you need to think about if you want your bifold doors fast and how we can help you.

There are a number of factors that determine the lead time for bifolding doors and how quickly we can fit them. Our Origin, Schuco and Smart Systems folding doors all differ on their lead times because of the different supply chain. Smart Visofold and Schuco bifolding doors take a little longer. Origin are available in the quickest lead times.

Origin has pioneered an innovative Your Lead Time Not Ours service designed to help you and your builder obtain your bifolding door fast. If you are looking for the best lead time on bifolding doors, we recommend the Origin product that also comes with a 20 year guarantee. Then we can work with you, your builder and our installation schedule to fit your new bifolding doors as quickly as possible.

What affects the lead time on bifolding doors?

How quickly you get your new bifolding doors depends on whether they are being fitted into a new or existent opening.

  • If you are replacing an existing set of sliding doors with a bifold and no extra building work is required, this helps ensure a faster installation.
  • You are fitting bifolding doors to a new structural opening. The opening will need to be ready to receive the bifolds so we can take accurate survey and manufacturing sizes. In some instances we can work to agreed sizes with your builder, but the ready to measure opening is always the best option.
  • You may be replacing a window with a bifold by knocking out the brickwork to accommodate the new doors. This is broadly the same as having to fit doors into a new opening.

How do I work out the lead time for my bifolding doors?

Your lead time on bifolding doors is calculated from being able to carry out your survey. This is the best way of ensuring you are aware of when you can expect your new bifolding doors and enables us to schedule your installation and order all materials and glass.

Your choice of colour will also affect the lead time for your bifolding doors. If you choose one of our standard colours such as white, black, woodgrain or a selection of grey colours with our Origin doors, they will arrive quicker than choosing a special colour.

Every bifolding door is bespoke We do not have standard size doors in stock and we believe in giving you the choice to customise your doors exactly as you want them. Should you have extras such as Origin Blinds or Integral glass blinds, these may also affect the lead time.

For the best lead times on bifolding doors, contact Open Living.

Our long-standing relationships with all our suppliers, our buying power and expertise all ensure we fit your new bifolding doors as quickly as possible. Contact us today and talk to us for a free, no obligation quotation and to find out more.

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