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Open Living is an approved supplier and installer of the ultra-premium Dutemann range of sliding and bifolding doors, front doors and entrance doors. If you are looking for one of the more exclusive brands on the market, we give you some more information about Dutemann doors and the benefits you will get in your home.

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As you do your research to find the best bifolding or sliding door for your home, you may not have heard of Dutemann. Dutemann is a specialist designer and manufacturer of aluminium front doors, premium sliding doors and some of the finest bifolding doors. One of their well-known products is their excellent range of aluminium front doors as well.

All Dutemann sliding and folding doors are highly-engineered products, based upon some of the world’s best systems. Every door is designed and made to exacting standards offering several benefits and enhancements over other brands of folding and sliding doors.

In this article, we explain more about Dutemann doors your benefits when you choose any Dutemann door, supplied by Open Living.

5 Benefits when you buy Dutemann sliding or bifolding doors.


All modern sliding and folding doors available on the market are fit-for-purpose products, and in reality, there is no ‘bad’ door on the market. In our view, Dutemann doors are more exclusive compared to even the best brands like Origin, Reynaers or Schuco and significantly more exclusive than the big brands like AluK or Smart Systems that are available even in trade counters and builders merchants.

So if you are looking for a premium bifolding or sliding door that is just that little bit different, come into our showroom and look at Dutemann.

Only Dutemann makes their doors.

Many different manufacturers all over the UK make even the top brands such as Schuco or Reynaers. While this gives door companies many different suppliers to buy from, many customers like the comfort of knowing who makes their doors. An exclusive manufacturer brings one significant benefit and that is consistent quality.

Just like our Origin doors, Dutemann sliding and folding doors are only made in one factory. The benefit of this is consistent quality every single time. Something that can’t be guaranteed when many different people make any product.

Designer doors built to last.

When you are spending good money on improving your home, you want your doors to stand the test of time. Many ‘standard’ doors use basic hardware and components found in many other products.

All Dutemänn doors are made in one factory under controlled conditions to ensure every door is made to the highest possible standard. Dutemann doors are well-known for their value-for-money, reliability and ease of use. These elegant doors come as standard with the best quality hardware and equipment.

Re-engineered, slimmer and better doors for your home.

Dutemann doors are based on world-class systems that the company re-engineers to make them even better and perfect for the demanding British market.

The Dutemann Glide-S sliding door as one example can comfortably span an aperture of 6.7m wide by 3.2m in height in just two sliding panels. Glide-S also has a slimline 47mm mullion.

The Dutemann FD85 bifolding door is the other as another example, is in the top five amongst the slimmest bifolding doors on the market. Its door mullions are only 105mm. As well as being remarkably thin, it can accommodate three sliding panels across a 4-metre door aperture where most other bifolding doors need four panels. For you, this means bigger glass, more light, better views and less visible door mullions.

Dutemann Doors give you everything you want from a quality door.

Aside from wanting a good looking bifolding or sliding door, most of our customers looking for new patio or entrance doors also want maximum security and excellent energy efficiency.

The FD85 bifolding door has a the Quad-bolt™ locking system making it meet the latest security standards as well as the latest Part Q Building Regulations for new build dwellings. It also has U-Values as low as 1.5Wm2K using only standard glass units. The Glide-S sliding door also has impressive energy saving credentials.

How Dutemann doors can enhance your home.

If you are improving your home or adding a new extension, there is a complete suite of Dutemann products for all your external door requirements.

Dutemann Glide-S Sliding Doors.

Dutemänn Glide-S is the latest generation of contemporary sliding doors, giving you a slim, effortless and meticulously crafted patio door.

Key features include contemporary door furniture, huge colour choice, a slimline 47mm mullion and excellent weather resistance.

Dutemann Glide-S sliding doors come as a traditional inline sliding door or the latest lift and slide technology. If you are considering a sliding patio door for your home, come into our showroom and try the Glide-S out for yourselves.

Dutemann Bifolding Doors.

The standard Dutemann bifolding door is based on the world-renowned Schuco aluminium system and enhanced even more with dedicated hardware and premium manufacturing. Dutemann bifolding doors offer thin sight lines, double or triple glazing, advanced door seals and one of the best looking bifolding doors on the market.

This quality-made bifolding door is available from two, up to 18 panels for the ultimate folding sliding glass wall.

We also offer the super-slim FD85 bifolding door based on one of the leading European systems, extensively re-engineered and designed for the UK Market. No other door at this price point or quality is as slim, with 105mm mullions, or as refined as the Dutemann FD85.

Dutemann Haus Front Doors.

For the front of your house, Dutemann Haus front doors are regarded by the door industry and home improvement professionals as one of the finest you can buy.

Dutemann Haus doors use the world-renowned Schuco door leaf and frame, fitted with a luxury door panel in over 90 different designs and colours.

Contact us today and let Open Living provide your ideal door.

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