How To Spot Good Quality Doors and Windows

When it comes to choosing new windows and doors for your home, you can be faced with many different incentives to buy.

Some home improvement companies focus on price giving you seemingly great discounts and low prices even for a complete houseful of windows and doors. Other companies focus on the quality of their products preferring to deal in high-value prestigious contracts, rather than typical replacement windows. Finally, there are window companies that will extol the virtues of their experience, their staff as well as the products they sell.

What is a quality and premium window or door?

All of these sales messages found when researching new windows and doors are positive. However, they can mean different things to different people. For example, a landlord that has a rental property needing new windows may not consider the high quality windows and doors that significant compared to the windows and doors in his own home. Property professionals often want windows and doors at the lowest possible cost to complete their project, rent it out as quickly as possible and maximise their return.

So what constitutes a real quality window and door? With so many different products and brands all giving a similar message, how do you know what is behind a quality window and door and the reasons for the price differences?

What market sector does your home improvement company serve?

Some window companies focus on high volume window replacement work, and it is typically these that offer the lowest possible prices for windows and doors. This is not to say that their products are bad.

The reality is that there is no ‘bad’ door or window on the market. British and European standards have ensured the quality of the materials and the finished product is more regulated than ever before. However, we know with other consumer goods that you can get what you pay for.

The same applies to windows and doors. Some products are engineered better, have better quality components from premium manufacturers and are not designed for large volume mass production.

If you see many too-good-to-be-true offers for windows and doors, the reality is that these are products manufactured in substantial factories, over 1000 windows and doors a week. It is reasonable to assume that the quality of components in a high volume window will not be the same as those in a bespoke window.

A great example is the locks used that vary widely in windows and doors. Our Origin windows use the familiar Yale name in their windows, synonymous with security and peace of mind for many decades.

Who makes your windows and doors?

Many different manufacturers make the vast majority of PVCu and aluminium windows and doors. It is therefore tough to know exactly who has made your new windows and doors.

At Open Living, we work with Origin. Only Origin makes their bifolding doors, sliding doors and windows. Origin as a business is a departure from the mainstream window industry and other aluminium systems companies in the UK that rely on many different manufacturers.

The advantage of using an exclusive manufacturer is quality and a guarantee. Origin aluminium windows and doors are the only ones on the market with a 20-year guarantee.

Origin is also unique in enabling you to register your product with them. If additional windows and doors are required in the future or the unlikely event that there is a fault with your Origin door you know it can be traced back to the exact product, colour, hardware fitted. We will even know when it was made for you.

It is not just the manufacturer that is important. A quality door and window provider will use powder coaters that are strictly monitored by industry bodies for quality. Glass processors and manufacturers are also monitored to ensure the glass is of the best quality for your new windows and doors.

Who fits your windows and doors?

Another area where quality products differ from conventional windows and doors is who fits them. With so many windows and doors available from trade counters and builders merchants, how do you know that the person installing these are trained and experienced?

With bifolding and sliding doors especially, the correct installation is the most critical factor in ensuring long-term reliability.

Our Origin products are fitted to the highest standards because our installers are constantly monitored and trained. This training ensures Origin maintains the highest levels of quality through their network of installers. Open Living is one of the biggest and longest established Approved Origin Installers.

So while you can buy other windows and doors from anywhere, you have the peace of mind of buying from Open Living, trained for Origin doors and windows by Origin. Another reason why Origin windows and doors have double the guarantee period of other windows and doors.

Home improvements are a substantial investment in your home.

So as you can see, there are differences between quality windows and doors and regular windows and doors, both on price and quality. Here’s what to look out for.

  • What brands of components used in your windows and doors?
  • Who is behind the painting and colouring of aluminium?
  • Who makes your new windows and doors?
  • Are your window installers trained to fit the product?

Always visit your intended door and window provider at their premises. Often their showroom will demonstrate the quality of the products and the experience of the company.

At Open Living, we have invested substantially in our showroom to showcase the quality of all our windows and doors. Visit us and find out for yourselves what is behind a quality window and door.

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