We have put together a list of the things you will need to think about to help you choose and importantly, buy the right product.

What are rooflights and skylights?

If you are thinking about a new roof light or skylight for the home, there are some different things to consider.

There are many different terms used to describe a glazed product designed for the roof or a flat glass product that you can even walk on. Skylight, roof light, lantern light, roof glass and other terms are used.

All these descriptions denote a product that is designed to add light where it is needed as well as provide ventilation if desired.

Think about where the roof light is located.

A roof light is an excellent way to add natural light into the home and in many cases can delay switching on lights until they are needed. Think about what parts of the home require more light but also think about size, how you may clean it and be careful not to have too much light that may require a method of shading.

Consider your roof light glass options.

You can expect toughened glass as standard. What you will also need to think about is the transmission of UV Light too. There are options to protect the home, its furnishing and provide a more comfortable environment with opting for sun control glass, self-cleaning glass and even tinted glass.

What about walk-on glass rooflights?

What you may not know is that a walk on glass roof light is ideal for not only providing light inside the home but also practicality. Perhaps you live in a traditional house that has a cellar or basement, yet only has a small pavement at the front. Here a walk on roof light is perfect.

Basements, roof terraces, floors, galleries and landings can all work to enhance the light in the underside or adjoining rooms with a walk on roof light. The glass is even stronger, and they are designed for the rigours of daily life. Above all they are safe.

Will your roof light require ventilation?

Every room is different, so you may want to think about what present form of ventilation exists. As we move towards more open plan living, large glaze doors (closed most of the year) picture and gable windows, often we forget to include the number of opening windows that older properties have.

An opening roof light is easy to incorporate into your project and there is even an option for automatic, rainwater and sunlight operation with sensors. Alternatively, you can just opt for a more traditional method of opening.

Flat or shaped rooflights, the choice is yours.

Many people assume rooflights are usually flat and square. You can also choose from shaped, pyramid, lantern rooflights, and many more styles. All come with varying degrees of pitch, in many different sizes and you can even create your own design.

Open Living, your roof light experts.

At Open Living, we specialise in the industry leading rooflights from Atlas, Sunsquare and many others. All are contemporary in appearance, simple to fit, easy to live with and add value and a new dimension to the home.

There is no better way to create more light and a feeling of space. Importantly, our range of rooflights are safe, strong, secure and come in many different colours. Contact us today for a free quotation or visit our Letchworth showroom. Alternatively, call us on 01764 448005.

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