Bifolding doors for Hertfordshire home

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Bespoke Lantern roofs in slimline aluminium.

There are two modern glass and aluminium products that work brilliantly together. These are the bifolding doors and the lantern roof. If you’re looking to construct a new extension or renovate your home to bring it more up to date, these two products work very well together.

Open Living worked with a Hertfordshire family to bring these two great products together for their new home extension. Their Welwyn family house benefitted from a large garden. This meant that his new extension could benefit from not one, but two sets of bifolding doors in a great corner arrangement.

Firstly, the lantern roof when correctly designed is a great solution for bringing light into the home all year round. Today’s modern aluminium roofs offer large glass panels, slimline framing and high specification roof glass.

All these elements work together to create a room that’s brighter and better. What’s more a lantern roof looks great when viewed from inside or outside the property.

For the lantern roof, our slimline aluminium system was chosen. This particular product is up to 30% slimmer than other types of lantern roofs on the market. The other benefit of it is that it doesn’t have the support beams and tie bars of other roofs. It’s slim, yet strong and one of the best roof products you can buy. It also has a great contemporary flatline appearance when viewed from the inside. This is because it uses a square box mullion arrangement.

The roof was also powder coated in a a high grade finish, glazed with thermally efficient glass and fitted with an automatic opening vent for when ventilation may be required.

Origin Corner Bifolding Doors.

One of the great features of bifolding doors is that they are very flexible in how they can be configured. With two up to 8 or more leaves possible, no other door product gives you real choice in opening up a kitchen or living space.

A three pane and a four pane set of bifolding doors were provided. Both sets of doors fold in opposite directions to create a full open aspect when needed.

The doors are finished in a great Anthracite grey colour with matching colour coated handles. To the threshold we’ve helped create a virtually level floor on the inside that meets the stunning polished light grey floor tiles.

Integral glass blinds for bifolding doors.

With so much light coming in from the bifolding doors on two sunny elevations our customer also wanted a solution for shade. The garden also backed onto neighbouring properties. With large bifolding door panels on two sides, privacy would also be required.

To these doors we installed our range of integral glass blinds. These benefit from being housed within the double glazed unit. Integral glass blinds bring some great enhancements to bifolding doors over and above conventional fabric or wooden blinds.

Because the blinds are housed between the glass this means the bifolding doors can be enjoyed all day long. Even with the blinds closed, the slim aesthetics of the doors, the wonderful grey finish and the overall appearance of the doors in the home can be enjoyed all day long even in the winter months.

The other advantage of integral blinds is that when chosen with a magnet control there are no cords or wands to worry about. But better still, because this family has young children it means the blinds can stay protected within the glass and won’t be subjected to accidents, spills, damage or children simply playing with the blinds. Best of all they’ll never need cleaning either.

The result is a stunning home extension and living space. All the family can now enjoy the benefit of bifolding doors and a contemporary lantern roof provided by Open Living. The doors also give the parents a great view of the garden when the children are outdoors too.

Our customer is equally delighted.

“We’d just like to say thank you for the fantastic doors and roof light. These look AMAZING! We love the internal blinds and all the options open to us with them. Can’t wait for the summer to get full use out of them.”

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