If you are currently looking for new aluminium windows for your home did you know that you can customise and personalise these to your precise requirements

Ordering Bespoke Aluminium Windows

At Open Living we offer one of the biggest ranges of aluminium windows in the area. We can even provide windows that are out of the ordinary.

Open Living pride themselves on offering a truly personal and bespoke aluminium window.

What is a bespoke aluminium window?

There is no such thing as a ‘tell-tale’ aluminium window. This means that when people look at your new aluminium windows from Open Living, they will not often know what product it is.

We personalise each and every aluminium window to be individual for your home. Not all aluminium windows can do this. It is true that you can create different designs, but our bespoke aluminium windows go further.

Bespoke Origin Aluminium Windows.

There isn't another aluminium window on the market offering the choice of options that Origin aluminium windows can.

Origin aluminium windows are custom-made to your precise sizes for your home. Then you can choose from over 150 RAL colours or even a different colour inside and out.

Even if you want an aluminium window with the authentic appearance of timber, this is also possible with Origin. Our Origin aluminium windows come with the sublimated wood-effect finish that feels and looks just like real wood.

Finally, Origin offers you colour matched handles if you want them. Origin windows are the only aluminium windows on the market giving you the opportunity to match your handles to your windows or even choose a contrasting colour. We do not mean to choose silver, white, black, gold or stainless steel. You can even choose any of the 150 colours available.

Moreover, don’t forget, Origin Aluminium Windows are the only ones on the market with a 20-year manufacturer's warranty.

Special paint finishes for a unique aluminium window.

Our Smarts windows come in a very sophisticated powder coated finish called Sensations. Sensations powder coating colours and protects your windows just like our other coatings. What Sensations provides is a beautifully textured powder coat finish.

These sophisticated and bold colour paints create you a window or a door that feels tactile to the touch. You can create a beautiful coloured aluminium window that feels like sandstone, granite with a rougher more speckled appearance that looks terrific in a modern home. Contact us for a sample or a colour swatch.

Create a bespoke aluminium window with glass and more.

You can add a further touch of style to your bespoke aluminium window with the many glass choices on offer. If you are looking for the best in security, we can upgrade your windows to laminated glass or even toughened inside, laminated outside. This is a great deterrent for a would-be burglar thinking about breaking the window glass.

If you are looking for ways to keep your home more comfortable why not consider adding a triple glazed unit? Even if you want to control the light or shade in the home, we can fit the very latest integral blinds between your glass. Alternatively, you can choose from the stunning range of Origin blinds that are as good for windows as they are for doors.

For sound insulation, we can provide your new bespoke aluminium windows with acoustic glass. If your home is on the main road, in a busy city centre, or even under a flight path, modern glass technology can help keep your home quieter.

Bespoke aluminium windows by Open Living.

If you are looking for the finest aluminium windows for your home, providing optimum security, the finest materials and the best energy saving properties, contact us today or visit our brand new showroom in Amor Way, Letchworth.

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