What Makes The Origin Bi folding door Special?

Open Living are approved award winning installers of the Origin Bifolding door.
The Origin folding door is by far one of the best quality doors you can buy and offers many key features that make them perfect for the home.

The Origin Doors 20 year guarantee.

Origin doors are designed and made in the UK. They remain unique in offering a 20 year guarantee. This is one key feature that many homeowners find of benefit when deciding on a bifolding door.

Each Origin door comes with a unique serial number making the product easily identifiable in the unlikely event of a warranty claim.

Origin doors are only made in one place by one company.

The supply chain when it comes to bifolidng doors is quite complex. The Systems Company is the organisation that designs the door and provides the aluminium bars, components and accessories.

All the parts that go into making other types of bifolding doors are provided to manufacturers all over the UK. There is nothing wrong with this process other than you can never know exactly who has made your doors.

As many double glazing firms don’t manufacture they buy ready-made products from a wide number of suppliers. This means that the same brand of bifolding door can be sourced from many different manufacturers.

Origin do things differently. Only Origin design and make their own doors. This means that they’re only made in one factory by the same people time after time. The advantage is that quality is always consistent and stringently controlled. It is this control of the manufacturing that is one reason why a 20 year guarantee can be offered.

Another advantage of the Origin door is that the company works very closely with approved installers such as Open Living. This does not mean that other products are inferior, merely that because the supply chain is smaller and communication is better, product enhancements happen quicker because we are always in contact with the people that make your doors - they’re very much our partners.

sThis is what we believe makes the Origin door a great product and one that remains unique in the market with a 20 year guarantee.

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