Who Makes and Fits Aluminium Windows and Doors

Visit the Open Living Showroom in Letchworth, and you will see a whole host of cutting-edge products in aluminium. Our showroom demonstrates just how sophisticated aluminium home improvements are in the UK today.

Modern Aluminium Windows and Doors. What it means for the homeowner.

If you are in the market for new windows and doors, you benefit from the latest products, the best aluminium extrusions, the finest choice of colours and the best design. With moder aluminium doors and windows, there is also no compromise with security, weather resistance and long term reliability.

At Open Living, we work with the finest aluminium systems companies in the UK such as Origin, Schuco and Smart Systems.

What is an aluminium systems company?

If you do not know what a system company is, these are the companies that design, extrude, test and bring the best aluminium windows and doors to market.

Systems companies like Schuco and Smart Systems, filter their products down to their network of fabricators. These fabricators then supply expert door and window installers like Open Living. The systems company will provide extensive training and detailed fabrication and installation manuals as to how their products are made. However, they will rarely have any input into how the product is made.

Open Living source their products from trusted and expert aluminium fabricators that we know give a consistent product, quality level and service. You benefit from expertly fabricated products that are then professionally installed by us.

Our Origin range of bifolding doors, sliding doors, windows and entrance doors is somewhat different. Origin is very much a systems company as they designed their suite of doors and windows. However, Origin is also a fabricator, the only systems company in the UK in this position. The fact that Origin makes all their products means the supply chain is simpler, more transparent, quality is consistent and prices are better with fewer companies involved in getting their products to you.

Open Living recommends our Origin range of windows and doors. Not only are they made differently, but they are also the only products on the market that come with a 20-year guarantee.

Who will fit my windows and doors?

So while Open Living may not fabricate our range of windows and doors, we work with the systems companies mentioned to ensure we are constantly updated and trained.

For Origin products, these are fitted only by specially trained, approved and monitored Origin Dealers. Open Living is one of the longest established and biggest Origin door and window providers.

The systems companies will not have the interaction with the homeowner typical of other home improvement products. This is nothing to be concerned about. Systems companies are in the business of designing and creating the latest generation windows and doors. Open Living is in the businesses of providing these and fitting them in your home.

It is Open Living that can help you decide which door or window is right for you, take into consideration the installation considerations unique to your property and of course, work with you to provide the ideal solution for your home.

Unlike the systems companies, we will also offer other services such as renovation or building work and collaboration with your architect or builder where they are employed on the project.

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