Why we Believe that Aluminium is Best for Bifolding Doors

With so many styles material and colours to choose from how you decide on the right bifolding door for your home? One of the biggest decisions you will need to make is which material is best, PVCu, aluminium or timber.

At Open Living, we have long believed that aluminium is the best material for bifolding doors. Aluminium bifolds, as we explain in this article, give you the very best regarding:

  • Price
  • Visual appeal and aesthetics
  • Performance and Strength
  • Maintenance and long-term value.

Our experience tells us that a quality aluminium bifold will out-perform PVCu and timber in all of these areas. Here is why aluminium is best for bifolding doors and the best choice for your home.

Aluminium bifolding door prices.

Aluminium will be more expensive than PVCu but cheaper than a timber bifold. While it is easy to consider PVCu as the most affordable option, in the longer term, this may prove more expensive.

Bifolding door professionals widely acknowledge that PVCu does not have the inherent strength of aluminium and consequently the reliability. PVCu may be a tempting choice if your project is restricted by budget, however low-cost PVCu bifolds can be prone to severe expansion and contraction and won’t look as clean and crisp in years to come. If your doors are on a sunny and exposed elevation, warmer weather can affect the operation of PVCu bifolds as well.

We agree that nothing looks as great as a timber bifolding door for the natural appearance. Timber will be more expensive than aluminium but needs careful maintenance to provide the long-term peace of mind. The natural material needs protecting from the elements with any damage to the paint finish needing repair quickly to ensure the wood underneath is not affected. Anticipated maintenance is one of the negatives of a timber bifolding door.

Aluminium remains the best long-term investment for a bifolding door. This long-term peace of mind is even better if you choose our Origin bifolding door - the only bifold on the market with a 20-year guarantee.

Aluminium with the look and feel of real wood.

Timber offers great aesthetics and especially in older homes. Price and anticipated maintenance remain a consideration for many people looking at bifolding door materials.

Our Origin bifolding doors are one of the few on the market to offer beautiful wood effect finishes with all the low-maintenance properties of aluminium. Choose from Oak, Rosewood, Mahogany and Walnut finishes that all have the same look and feel of real wood.

Our advanced wood effect aluminium bifolds are perfect for matching to your new wood flooring and fixtures as well. Best of all you get all the benefits of aluminium at less cost than a timber bifold.

Aluminium bifolds have better aesthetics

One of the reasons you are looking at new bifolding doors is for the views out to your garden and opening up your home to the outside. The reality is that most of the year your doors will be closed, so you want the best possible views.

Aluminium bifolds are slimmer than any PVCu or timber bifold. Our Schuco doors have slim dimensions of just 121mm when the doors are closed, maximising your view and giving you a slimline folding door.

Only aluminium achieves these great sight lines and impressive aesthetics. PVCu will be substantially thicker because it is a weaker material. Aluminium also enables each folding door panel to be made wider than PVCu or timber as well.

Finally, the inherent strength of aluminium enables your bifolds to have a floating corner post, large gable windows above and simply more design freedom compared to PVCu and timber.

Aluminium bifolds are more durable.

Aluminium offers you the biggest colour choice and the most durable. Most PVCu bifolds are available in a selection of colours, but this is a wet paint process and not as durable as powder coating. Powder coating has been used to colour and protect aluminium for over forty years. Another alternative on PVCu bifolds is a foiled finish, but this is restricted to the number of colours you can choose.

Aluminium offers the best colour choice and protection for your doors. Look at a 10-15-year-old PVCu door, and the age of the product is evident. Aluminium only needs routine cleaning with a mild soapy solution to keep it looking good for years to come. PVCu can fade when exposed to strong sunlight. If you have ever seen a PVCu front door with a white frame and a yellowing panel, this is a clear sign of a weathered and aged product.

Aluminium can match your existing windows and doors.

Finally, a new aluminium bifold need not contrast with existing windows and doors in your home. We offer a choice of white finishes to match most PVCu windows closely, and our woodgrain finishes work well with foiled PVCu windows.

If you are looking to make your bifolding doors stand out, only aluminium offers you the choice of over 150 different colours, including the option of a different colour inside and out.

Contact us today or visit our showroom and view our extensive range of aluminium bifolding doors in a choice of colours, styles and configurations.

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