Schuco Sliding Patio Doors Open Living

The Schuco sliding patio door is the definitive door. It outperforms many other products in the market by way of engineering, design, aesthetics and performance.

The Schuco Sliding Door

The Schuco name is renowned for the very best in sliding doors. Schuco patio doors can be made larger than any other product and give you the ultimate in smooth operation, ultra slim aluminium profiles and little restriction on how it can be used and incorporated into the home.

If you’re looking to create the ultimate in high panoramic glass walls, create uninterrupted views with large glass panels, the Schuco sliding door is for you.

Choice of Configuration Options

Configurations on our Schuco doors include single, double or triple track options, a choice of frame profiles to give you a unique looking door.

Glazing is with the latest ‘Planitherm Total +’ low emissivity 28mm toughened sealed units incorporating argon fill and warm edge spacer bars. Double or triple glazing is possible.

Schuco sliding patio doors have distinctive features such as unique hardware ensuring ultra light operation despite the large and heavy sliding panels. Other benefits not offered by other products include the facility of on site automation to create electrically sliding doors.

Depending on the application and the property, you can choose either profiled or contemporary square frames, superb low thresholds and a wide choice of hardware.

Sliding patio doors are the ideal solution where you do not want to be restricted by aluminium sight lines evident on sliding and folding doors and want the maximum possible glass panels and uninterrupted views.

Our patio doors also come with high security, thermal efficiency and a variety of colour and glazing options as standard.

Schuco Sliding Doors from Open Living are expertly manufactured and meticulously installed to give you the very best in modern aluminium glazed doors that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

An aluminium patio door of the highest quality and yet competitively priced, it is the ultimate patio door.

Advantages of Schuco Sliding Doors

The Schuco sliding door is often seen in contemporary homes and extensions where maximum light is required and sliding walls wish to be created.

All doors are available as slide, lift and slide or tilt and slide operation.  Multiple tracks are available that enable panels to slide behind each other, maximising the clear opening.

Sophisticated roller and track technology gives ultra smooth and silent operation even where the largest sliding panels are installed.

Features of Schuco sliding doors.

  • A premium aluminium sliding patio door chosen for its exceptional engineering, design and function.
  • Ultra slim patio door with aluminium door dimensions only 88mm up to 108mm providing the most light and visible glass.
  • Can be made larger and taller than other sliding patio doors with sliding panes possible 3 metres square.
  • A very high security door tested for burglar resistance.
  • Smooth and light sliding operation of sliding panels.
  • Can be manually or automatically opened and closed.
  • Impressive U Value of 1.89 Wm2K for reduced energy bills.
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