Grey contemporary aluminium skylights

Our installation of two grey contemporary aluminium skylights fitted to an existing flat roof extension. These slimline rooflights add natural light from above while also giving a modern look to a flat roof.

contemporary aluminium skylights

Grey flat contemporary aluminium skylights.

Our entire range of skylights and walk-on glass features slimline aluminium sections, durable safety glass and a modern aesthetic. Our rooflights come with thermally insulated aluminium sections with a design suitable for new or existing roofs.

Internally you get a thin profile, maximising the light from above and seeing less aluminium frame.  On the outside, the small grey aluminium frame provides a near-frameless appearance.  The rooflights also come with safety glass units with blue solar control glass.

The benefits of adding skylights to your flat or sloping roof.

Rooftop windows and skylights enhance a home and especially a staid flat roof.  As well as adding light from above, you increase the appeal of your home to prospective buyers.  Even better with the natural daylight makes the winter months better, making the most of the reduced daylight hours.  They can also solve the issue with dark areas, often making a room seem dark, stuffy or cold.

However, natural light remains the best reason to consider fitting contemporary aluminium skylights. At Open Living, we offer the choice of fixed or opening skylights. You benefit from solar heat in the winter and ventilation when choosing an opening option.  With sunlight adding heat in the winter, there is a good case that skylights help reduce your energy bills and extend the daylight. As a result, you turn your lights on later in the day.

Best of all is how they add a feeling of space in your home too.

contemporary aluminium skylights


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