Integral blinds with bifolding doors

Our recent installation in Cambridge of a three panel origin bifolding door with integral blinds.  Integral blinds with bifolding doors are a must-have accessory.

Screenline Integral Blinds with bifolding doors by Origin.

When it comes to choosing integral blinds with bifolding doors, quality is everything.  There are several integral blinds systems on the market. However, these also differ in quality.  As a result, it is hard to know which is a good or a bad integral blind for your new doors.

At Open Living, we use the Screenline Blinds.  Screenline blinds use the Pellini system, arguably the world’s best.  Furthermore, this leading brand of integral blinds for bifolding doors comes made in the UK.

Integral blinds are metal blinds housed between the toughened glass units. They never need cleaning and will not gather dust.  Additionally, integral blinds do not suffer damage from children, pets or misuse.

One of the best features of integral blinds with bifolding doors is privacy and shade, while letting you enjoy the modern sight lines.  Any of our premium aluminium bifolding doors suit integral blinds as well.

There are also opportunities to fit integral blinds throughout a house too including windows and sliding doors. 

As well as the convenience features of integral blinds with bifolding doors come other benefits.

Firstly, integral blinds come in manual or automatic versions.  Choose from cord or magnet controlled blinds for convenient manual operation.  Magnet-controlled blinds come with two discreet magnets. One raises and lowers the blind, the other tilts the slats.  Cord control is slightly cheaper.  As well as convenience, the cords are attached to the doors meaning they do not flap about like cords and wands on after-market blinds.

Another feature of having integral blinds in your bifolding doors is better thermal performance.  As standard, our doors come with toughened safety glass, with a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill.  These already energy efficient units, get even better with an integral blind on the inside.  Thermal performance is better all round.

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If you visit our showroom, you can see several examples of our integral blinds, in-situ within bifolding doors.  This is your best way of experiencing these cutting-edge products.

Even better, if you recently purchased our doors without integral blinds, talk to us about an upgrade!