Letchworth 5-panel bifolding door

Property Description

A recently extended Hertfordshire semi-detached home with a large additional kitchen/living space at the back of the property. Open Living supplied and installed the new folding and other doors to the new extension.

Work Carried Out

Open Living supplied and installed the market leading Origin bifolding doors, polyester powder coated in a white colour with contrasting light grey gaskets.

Configured in a five-panel, open out design, the bifold doors feature the popular traffic door, designed to allow all-year-round functionality. A traffic door works just like an independent door leaf, letting the homeowner in and out of the garden without having to fold all the bifolding door panels back every time. This door has all the panels opening out and sliding to the left, viewed from the outside.

The bifolding doors have colour matched hinges and intermediate handles with a trickle vent fitted to the head of the outer frame. The main door leaf has an 8-point lock and premium Hafi designer door handle in satin stainless steel. A matching powder coated cill completes the installation.

Products Used and Key Features.

  • White powder coated Origin bifolding doors
  • Light grey finger-safe gaskets
  • Colour matched handles with stainless steel lead door handle.
  • Trickle ventilator to the head.
  • Toughened safety glass.

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