Origin bi folding doors in Bedfordshire

One of our prestigious installations of four sets of Origin bi folding doors in Bedfordshire to a beautiful home. This particular installation showcases perfectly, also how the best-selling Origin doors work seamlessly when planning a bigger than normal extension.

Origin bi folding doors in Bedfordshire

Four large Origin bi folding doors in Bedfordshire to a new extension.

First of all is the multiple panels of the bifolding doors, a total of 15 doors. Across the front elevation are two sets of three-panel doors as well as one larger central set of six panel doors.

Not only will these doors open up the entire extension in the summer, but they must also be functional. Study the photo of this installation and how each door gets used is also important.

For instance, the end doors have a traffic door on each side.  The centre set of bifolding doors has a French Door arrangement.  As a result, three different types of access at the front make these big Origin bi folding doors useable in many different ways.

Notably, with the centre set of doors not only does the house have a bifolding door set, but all the functionality in the winter of French doors too. The centre doors work just like classic double doors.  The side elevation also has a set of three panel doors with a traffic door.

Why Origin bifolds are perfect for new extensions.

Importantly, Origin doors offer an ideal product for a new extension for many reasons.

The lead time of Origin bifolds from manufacture to delivery is arguably the best in the door industry.  No other company makes aluminium doors as fast as Origin.  As a result, our working relationship with the homeowner, their builder or their architect is second to none.  Fast installation of the doors allows a smooth flow to the building schedule.  Crucially, as soon as the doors fit in place, the faster other trades continue work inside.  As well as this, the entire property is sealed from the weather making the entire home secure.

Other features of these Origin bi folding doors in Bedfordshire include:

  • Peace of mind guarantee of 20 years from the manufacturer as well as our own quality installation.
  • Finger-safe gaskets between the door panels, also protecting young fingers.
  • Durable powder coated finish, here shown in a contemporary grey.
  • Premium door furniture, with these doors, also having the Hafi handles in a brushed stainless steel finish.
  • Multiple locking points on each door set with the lead door having an 8-point lock.

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