Ramsey Mereside Origin Doors with integral blinds

Property Description

A Cambridgeshire property under construction designed with two sets of folding doors in the newly prepared openings.    

Work Carried Out

Open Living supplied and installed two sets of three panel Origin bifolding doors in an open out configuration with a traffic door to each set. The doors are powder coated in dark grey RAL 7016 matt.  

The traffic door, enabling easy access in and out of the door is hinged on the leaf side. This arrangement allows the three panels to fold back to the one side giving a clearer opening in the summer months.

Also provided to the bifolding door set are the premium stain stainless steel lead door handles with a separate cylinder escutcheon. There are also matching stainless steel door hinges and stainless steel intermediate pull handles and door locks. The door magnets are black as is the frame mounted trickle ventilator. Trickle vents are required in all new doors and windows as part of current Building Regulations.

Also coming as standard with these two sets of Origin bifolding doors are a multi-point lock with eight locking points and security cylinder. The door gaskets are also grey to match the doors with a finger-safe design.  

Products Used and Key Features

  • Origin bifolding doors powder coated dark grey.
  • Satin stainless steel door furniture.
  • Toughened safety glass throughout.
  • Opening out design with traffic door.

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