Schuco bifolding doors in Bedfordshire

Another installation of the premium Schuco bifolding doors in Bedfordshire. As well as the bifolds, we provided the latest Atlas aluminium contemporary roof lanterns and high-tech integral glass blinds to the doors.

Schuco bifolding doors in Bedfordshire

Lantern roofs and Schuco bifolding doors in Bedfordshire.

A Stotford property undergoing a renovation with a new extension.  Schuco doors provide slim sightlines, German engineering with exceptional quality.  Not only do Schuco doors offer thin aluminium profiles, but they also come with premium door furniture and components. As a result, you get one of the best bifolding door brands in the world. As well as  but also one of the best designed and executed. The doors come in a grey powder coated colour.

Importantly, Schuco bifolds are the ideal choice for a bifold door with a cutting-edge appearance.  Firstly, the door profiles are flat in appearance. The door frame is also thin. Secondly, at just 121mm wide, these provide the maximum glass area and best possible views.

Furthermore, Schuco bifolding door furniture is unique to the product and features the finest materials.  For example, the main door handle has a separate cylinder escutcheon also in a brushed satin stainless steel finish.  The door hinges and fully adjustable and there are even stainless steel intermediate door handles.  Also as standard is a high security multi-point lock.

Last but not least, our doors have the very latest integral glass blinds, housed between the glass. They never need cleaning, nor will they gather dust. Even better, they improve the overall energy efficiency of the glass.

The advantages of traffic doors on bifolds.

Another benefit of a well-designed bifold door is convenience with functionality. Configured in a three panel design, our Schuco bifold doors open out and slide to the left, viewed from the outside. Therefore no space is lost on the inside when the doors open. Additionally, they have a traffic door.  At the right hand side, the leaf hinges on the left allowing it to open independently.  A traffic door such as this is useful and especially if your new bifolds are the only doors leading to the garden. A traffic door operates like a standard door, letting you in and out without having to fold all the other panels as well.

Contemporary Atlas aluminium lantern roofs.

Also fitted to this Stotford house are two grey lantern roofs. We only fit the latest generation slimline Atlas product.  Therefore you benefit from one of the slimmest roofs on the market as well as one of the most thermally efficient. The lantern roof also has a blue-tinted, self-cleaning toughened glass.

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This installation of lantern roofs and Schuco bifolding doors in Bedfordshire demonstrates our expertise with new build extensions. At Open Living, most of our work is working with the homeowner, their builder and their architect.  Best of all our great lead times on our home improvement products ensure your project moves quickly with minimal delays.  Furthermore, we work in partnership with all your other trades, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. We often have to work alongside other work on your project and help ensure our products seal your property making it weathertight.

Finally, every door and window we fit has a professional installation and a 10 or 20-year guarantee.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your home improvement project.