St Albans, White Origin bifolding doors

Property Description

A property with a newly constructed extension fitted with a three panel Origin bifolding door.


Work Carried Out

Our new bifolding doors feature an open out, three panel design with a traffic door and folding sliding panels.  The doors are polyester powder coated in classic white, RAL 9910 gloss finish with white door gaskets, giving a clean appearance on both sides of the doors.

The bifolding doors are designed with a traffic door hinged on the folding panel side so that all three panels slide and stack on the one side when fully open. The convenient traffic door allows easy entry and exit during times when you don’t want to fold all the panels back.

The bifold doors feature our premium Hafi handle upgrade consisting of a satin stainless steel high quality door handle with separate cylinder escutcheon. The stainless steel handle contrasts well with the colour matched white door hinges and white door magnets. To meet current Building Regulations, the bifolds are also provided with a trickle ventilator to the frame head. Finally, the doors sit on a white powder coated cill.  

Products Used and Key Features

  • Origin bifolding doors powder coated in white.
  • Doors glazed with toughened safety glass, with soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill.
  • Opening out design with traffic door.
  • Colour matched hinges and door gaskets.

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