Steel look interior doors

Steel look interior doors using the Aluco aluminium system and installed by us, during a substantial property renovation. Part of our overall range of metal-styled windows and doors for the home.

steel-look interior doors

Black slimline steel look interior doors

The Aluco steel look system is one of the best in the UK, designed around the original system used for high-grade exterior steel look doors, but re-engineered for use inside the home.

Premium aluminium profiles, a quality construction and designed for elegance with functionality for day-to-day use in your home.

This system starts with slimline residential door profiles, matched to their own sidelights. Throughout are carefully applied bars and rails, running consistently in the door leaves and sidelights giving you the look of old metal doors.

Also fitted to these doors is the familiar deep lock backplate again a feature or original steel doors and replicated nicely with aluminium.

Other great features of internal metal-styled doors

Of course, with these being interior doors, they don’t need the more advanced locking of external doors and windows. Here these doors come fitted with a single point lock, similar to those in other internal doors in the home. Operated by a distinctive black door handle, the doors operate a robust latch lock for when they’re closed The slave leaf comes with hidden flush bolts. Open with one leaf or two, these doors look stunning.

Furthermore, Aluco offers what many other aluminium interior doors can’t and that’s single glazing. Internally you don’t need the performance or cost associated with double glazed units. We’ve fitted single glazed safety glass to this installation

Again the doors by Open Living provide one of the best features compared to other similarly styled doors on the market. There’s no threshold. The doors come made to work inside the home. When the property renovation completes, the floor runs through the hallway to the kitchen/living space and provides a seamless transition. There’s no stepping over a threshold.

Finally, black is of course the colour of choice of this highly-desirable range of doors. Durable, attractive and low-maintenance. All it needs is an occasional clean with mild soapy solution and a soft sponge.

Steel look interior door specialists for Hertfordshire, London and the Home Counties

Our steel look range promises to transform your home inside or out. Contact us today to view our range of internal hinged, sliding or partition doors at our Letchworth Showroom. We’ve also got the matching exterior doors for a consistent look in your home.