Steel look window in London

A curved head steel look window in London, fitted to an industrial building covered into dwellings. It’s one of the slimmest steel-look windows on the market and a great replacement for the outgoing old metal window.

steel look window in London

Black slimline steel look window in SE16, South London

Complementing our range of luxury patio doors in the heritage, Art-Deco and contemporary industrial look are the windows.

First of all, is the hand-crafted construction. For this particular design with a curved head, there’s the neat and seamless semi-circle. This marries up to the horizontal bottom frame with neat joints and a flawless finish. Then is the overall appearance of the window having a wonderful flatline look inside and out with a stepped edge, typical of classic steel windows.

Finally, hand-applied glazing bars fitted to the inside and outside panes of glass finish off this traditional window, replacing the original. Even better is no loss of the original lines, keeping with the appearance of this old London building.

Of course, it’s the colour making these windows stand out. Black is, by far, the most popular shade we provide to this range, but they look equally impressive in light or dark grey, as well as white. Made from the best in premium-grade aluminium and with a gorgeous dark brown finish outside and classic white finish on the inside.

Distinctive looks, bags of style and a credible modern replacement for the dated inefficient original steel window. Best of all is the improved energy efficiency inside this London dwelling the steel look window provides.

Latest generation steel-inspired aluminium windows

A curved head steel-look window in busy London enhances the property with the latest in aluminium frame technology. Separating the frames is a polyamide thermal barrier, insulating the profiles perfectly. And these are some of the thinnest frames on the market in the art-deco, heritage and steel look. As standard the window comes with 28mm glass units, having a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill. A substantial improvement on the original single glazed window.

And looking at the before and after photos, it’s hard to spot the difference.

Bespoke steel-look aluminium windows for London and the Home Counties

Incredibly stylish, with the amazing build quality, functionality and security. Every one of our steel-look windows promises classic and timeless looks, whatever your property age or style. And they come with our professional installation, quality guarantees and first-class personal service.

Contact us today to arrange a free quotation. Find out more about our heritage, Art-Deco and steel-inspired windows, doors and glazing for the home.