Stevenage, Origin Doors with integral blinds

Property Description

A Stevenage property with a new extension to the rear featuring a four panel set of our Origin bifolding doors.    

Work Carried Out

Open Living supplied and installed a new Origin bifolding door set designed as a four panel configuration, opening outwards.   The doors are polyester powder coated in dark grey RAL 7016 matt on both sides.

The doors feature an opening out traffic door, that is also the master/lead leaf.  The traffic door is an independent leaf used like a standard door when you don’t want to fold every panel back.  This is ideal for quick access in and out of the garden, taking out washing or letting out a pet.  The remaining three panels fold and stack in the opposite direction

Also provided to the bifolding door set is colour-matched premium Hafi hardware and matching colour hinges. A standard feature of Origin bifolding doors is finger-safe gaskets, premium components, durable powder coated finish and 8-point locking system.  To meet current Building Regulations, the bifolds are also provided with a trickle ventilator to the frame head.  A matching powder coated cill completes the installation.

One of our most popular accessories for our bifolding door products is the Screenline integral glass blinds.  Integral blinds are permanently housed between the toughened glass units meaning they will never need cleaning, won’t gather dust and will not move or blow about. These particular integral blinds are controlled with two discreet magnets. One magnet raises and lowers the slats, another magnet tilts them to the desired position.

Products Used and Key Features

  • Origin bifolding doors powder coated dark grey.
  • Doors with integral glass blinds between the glass.
  • Toughened safety glass throughout.
  • Opening out design with traffic door.
  • Full colour matched hardware.

Visit our showroom to view our bifolding doors and try out the sophisticated integral blinds.