Stotford, Origin bifolding doors and windows

Property Description

A recently built property in Stotford with a new extension at the back of the property. To this new extension, Open Living installs new Origin bifolding doors and windows.

Origin bifolding doors and windows


Grey Origin bifolding doors and windows.

The Origin aluminium window sits beside the bifolding doors in a three module design. Origin’s window feature a unique flush casement design. As a result, you get a smooth and flush look to the window from inside and outside.  This differs to other flush casement windows from other brands where the window is flush outside but still has a visible rebated internally.  Furthermore, Origin windows have the trusted Yale Encloser locking system.  You also get locking handles, internal window glazing beads and a matching window cill.  At the head of the windows sit two trickle vents to meet current Building Regulations for ventilation

The bifolding doors on this property have a four panel design, sliding in both directions and opening out.  The traffic door is the third leaf from the left, also identified by the door handle and lock cylinder.  Traffic doors are perfect. As a result of configuring your doors with a traffic door, you get easy access through the doors.

Finally, the doors have lack powder coated door hinges.  The door handles contrast with the dark grey, being a satin brushed stainless steel finish. Also fitted on the doors are the door magnets, colour matched hinges and trickle vents.

To both the Origin bifolding doors and windows is high specification glass units. You also get toughened glass in the doors.

Products Used and Key Features.

  • Origin bifolding doors and aluminium windows.
  • 20 year guarantee.
  • White RAL 9910 gloss finish.
  • Doors and window glass having a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill. Toughened glass to the doors and rooflight.

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