The latest Atlas 2.0 Lantern roof

The brand new Atlas 2.0 Lantern roof, our best-selling product, supplied here in an impressive large size.  Supplied and fitted by Open Living to this new extension, this new lantern roof floods the new extension with light from above.

Atlas 2.0 Lantern roof

Contemporary Grey Atlas 2.0 Lantern roof.

First of all, Atlas roofs come with incredibly thin sight lines with very strong construction. With roof bars of just 40mm, it is the slimmest.  Therefore, not only do you get a minimal amount of aluminium but you also get the maximum amount of glass.

This installation, in particular, has the Altas 2.0 Lantern roof in a brand new extension to a modern family home.  Spanning an impressive 8.2 metres long and 2.2 metres wide.  Six roof bars on each side with a single end bar on the width creates a sleek and elegant product. The entire aluminium structure comes polyester powder coated in a durable, dark grey finish.  The glass is safety glass with toughened glass outside and laminated glass inside.

Beneath the roof sits the new opening created for the new lantern roof. Moreover, this latest generation roof comes designed to sit even better giving a more flush appearance.

Features and benefits of an Atlas aluminium roof.

  • 40mm slim roof bars give you elegant proportions and a very thin appearance when looked at from inside or outside.
  • Thermally insulated frames create a comfortable all-year-round lantern giving you a comfortable room in the summer as well as retaining heat in the winter.
  • An elegant ringbeam that is sleek, sits low and blends in perfectly with the rest of the roof bars too.
  • A slimmer more attractive roof ridge also gives the impression that the glass sits flush with the roof bars.

Therefore, if you want one of the best-looking roofs, our latest generation Atlas 2.0 lantern roof is the best product.  Best of all it comes in a big range of sizes, colours and glass options.

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